Moving stinks, post it to Peareo instead!

Anyone who has ever moved before knows the pain of hauling all your stuff to a new location, especially stuff you’re not even sure you want.

Make it easier on yourself and everyone around you and post those things to Peareo and let someone else come haul them away.

Remember what Confucius said: “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”. Okay maybe it wasn’t Confucius who said that but you get the point.

Post it to Peareo!

Introducing Peareo Safe Meeting Spots!

One of the biggest concerns people have when selling or buying online is where to meet to make the exchange, which creates a lot of unwanted stress or even turns people away from doing any online transactions. This is why we created Peareo Safe Meeting Spots!

We’ve partnered with local businesses who have agreed to provide a safe environment for Peareo users to meet and exchange goods with each other. This makes selecting a meeting location easy, safe and fun for Peareo users.

Our first sponsored business is eCreamery Ice Cream and Gelato in Dundee, one of our personal favorite places to go for ice cream and gelato! Now you can go to eCreamery to meet up to finalize your transactions and get a double scoop of vanilla bean!