Bikes + Coffee + Safe Meeting Spot


We are excited to announce our next safe meeting spot, the Omaha Bicycle Company in Benson! Omaha Bicycle Co. has been part of the Benson neighborhood for the last 3 years selling bikes, parts, and clothing along with serving some of the tastiest coffee and tea.

Omaha Bicycle Co. isn’t just a kick ass bike shop, it’s also a specialty coffee and espresso bar. Coffee in the front, bikes in the back. They also are the only shop in Omaha serving Intelligentsia coffee and are a proud partner with Archetype, a roaster here in Omaha.

We are super stoked that they have agreed to provide a safe environment for Peareo users to meet and exchange goods with each other. This makes selecting a meeting location easy, safe, and fun for Peareo users.

Also, if you make your exchange at the shop you get 10% off bike parts and accessories. One more reason to use a Peareo Safe Meeting Spot! We look forward to our partnership with Omaha Bicycle Co.!

Omaha Bicycle Co. is located at 6015 Maple Street, Omaha, NE 68104.

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