Coffee + Wine + Safe Meeting Spot

Peareo is excited to announce their next safe meeting spot, Fox Hollow Coffee & Wine Bar in West Omaha! Located on 115th and Blondo Street Fox Hollow Coffee & Wine Bar represents the metro area’s premier choice for coffee enthusiasts.

Not only do they serve great coffee and espresso, they also have craft beer, wine and baked goods. Fox Hollow opened in 2007 with a mission to focus intently upon the unique individual needs of their customers. Fox Hollow Coffee is an innovator among the ‘super-premium’, specialty coffee micro-roasters.

“We’re excited to provide a safe meeting location for Peareo users and to also partner with a great local start-up like Peareo” said owner Cindy Lear.

Fox Hollow also has happy hour specials between 3:00pm-6:00pm. Now Peareo users in West Omaha have a perfect place to meet and finalize their transactions in a safe, cozy atmosphere!

Fox Hollow Coffee & Wine bar is located at 1919 Papillion Pkwy, right next to the Biltmore apartments.


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Moving stinks, post it to Peareo instead!

Anyone who has ever moved before knows the pain of hauling all your stuff to a new location, especially stuff you’re not even sure you want.

Make it easier on yourself and everyone around you and post those things to Peareo and let someone else come haul them away.

Remember what Confucius said: “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”. Okay maybe it wasn’t Confucius who said that but you get the point.

Post it to Peareo!

Introducing Peareo Safe Meeting Spots!

One of the biggest concerns people have when selling or buying online is where to meet to make the exchange, which creates a lot of unwanted stress or even turns people away from doing any online transactions. This is why we created Peareo Safe Meeting Spots!

We’ve partnered with local businesses who have agreed to provide a safe environment for Peareo users to meet and exchange goods with each other. This makes selecting a meeting location easy, safe and fun for Peareo users.

Our first sponsored business is eCreamery Ice Cream and Gelato in Dundee, one of our personal favorite places to go for ice cream and gelato! Now you can go to eCreamery to meet up to finalize your transactions and get a double scoop of vanilla bean!

Why we created Peareo

Buying, selling and trading things online has been around since the dawn of the early inter-web days, so coming up with a “buy and sell” site isn’t exactly a ground breaking endeavor. So why did we want to join the rest of the online sites and what could we do any better than them? Well that’s a great question, we did it for 3 reasons actually. First off we wanted to create a true community site devoted local neighborhoods, and what we mean by local is “neighborhoods located in Omaha”. What a novel ideal, right?  Craigslists and Ebay don’t just focus on Omaha, they focus globally, from Latin America all the way to Europe and all surrounding continents. Which a focus that big I’m fairly certain they don’t care about the Farmers Market going on this Saturday in Aksarben or that Benson is the place to be on the first Friday of every month. We do care, we are from Omaha and we LOVE living, working and raising families here. We care about our community and want care about our neighborhoods, we in fact LOVE our neighborhoods. Which is why we wanted to create an online market place for US.

Secondly, we wanted to create a platform that was safe to use. During our research to determine whether or not Omaha needed something like Peareo we heard from countless people telling us they would love something like Peareo because they are afraid of Craigslist because the negative connections associated to it. We get it, Craigslist is creepy and doesn’t exactly scream “Hey Omaha, we care about you!!”.  And I won’t lie,  personally I am even afraid of Craiglists, which is why I have never used it. The last thing I want is to go pick up tickets to a show in Benson and end up in the trunk of somebodies car! After hearing this we knew we had to create a platform that gives users a sense of security, a sense of community and a sense of trust.

And finally we wanted to figure out an easy way to remove the negotiation factor out of a sell or trade. We spoke with a lot of people who hated negotiating in person or online. The thought of endless emails going back and forth negotiating a deal is enough to turn people way from selling or trading anything online. And it’s not an uncommon feeling,  I personally dislike negotiating, which is probably why I buy a car every 8 years so I can avoid the whole “let me go talk to my manager” scheme. So we created a simple point and click selling process that handles the entire negotiating for you.

We hope you like Peareo because it’s designed by people from Omaha for people who live in Omaha.

Sincerely, Brook A. Hoy
Founder of Peareo